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Stacy, My AACE web site. Enjoy.

My family and friends

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Here is where you will find pictures of my family and friends and some unique info about them. Some of these pictures were taken in the morning at around seven o'clock and the people in them were a little groggy.

Anyways I love my family and friends and without them I'd be extremely bored.



This is my amazing mom. Her name is Kathy and she is one of three children. She has been living in Brattleboro since she was a child, however she did do a little exploring of the country when she lived in Alaska and Louisiana, and went to Hawaii for a period of time. She is the most caring person I know and I love her so much. The only thing is that you can't wake her up prematurely or she'll be sore at you for the rest of the day.

I also have an aunt and uncle, named Lori and Kirk. They too have lived here practically their entire lives. My mom loves to read and the color green. She also loves to read in the afternoons after work.



This is my Dad, Michael. He is a carpenter/rug installer/handy-man. He has one of the biggest sense of humor of any person that I have known in my entire life. Time spent with him is a time to relax and fade away the stress of the day.

He is one of eight children, and is originally from the state of Massachusets. He and my mother met when he was at his sister's house and my Mother (who at the time was living in Greenfield Mass) was taking out the trash and he was about to leave. Instead of leaving he asked if he could do it for her`and they've been together ever since.


My little sister Kara

This is my little sister Kara. She is twelve years old and in the sixth grade. I caught her a little off guard with this picture . Anyways she loves to ice skate and go to the movies. At this time she is obsessed with Harry Potter.

Kara has a lot of friends who love to bother their older sisters. I'm just kidding about that but its what older sisters are suppose to say about their younger sisters. Kara is also the youngest of our family and reminds us of it everyday.


Matt, Meaghan and Aiden

This is my older brother Matthew, his wife Meaghan and their newborn son Aiden. Aiden was born on January 23rd and is the spitting image of his father. All of them live just up the street from us, so it's nice to see them practically everyday.


Kayden and Nina

These are my friends Kayden and Nina. They are both really smart. Kayden and I like to say that she is Mexican because of differing scores we got on a spanish exam. It's quite a funny story really when you hear it. Nina is a quiet person while Kayden is sometimes too energetic, but in a good way. they're really funny and make school a lot of fun.


Silvana and Allison

This is one of my best friends Silvana. You might recognize her from her own website seeing as she is also going to China in April. Anyways her favorite color is pink and she loves to sing. The girl next to her is my friend Allison. She is really a great person and just moved here from Wilmington this year.


Brigette and Ashley

These girls are Brigette and Ashley, laughing as they come out of our english class.



This is another one of my good friends Marla. We actually knew each other in the first grade and were best friends then, but she moved away and I never saw her again until 8th grade a couple of years ago. So really we are reunited and it feels good.



This is my Dad's dog Gus. I realize this picture is dark but it is only because he wouldn't go to a light room and I couldn't find the light switch anywhere, but at least he posed for me.



This is another one of my best friends Nicole. She is a year younger than I am, being in the ninth grade. We met in Grammar school and have been friends ever since.



This is my friend Danna. We met each other in the first grade when I first moved to Brattleboro and she is one of my more funny friends. It's hard to explain but if you were to know her you would understand what I mean.

That's all for now folks!

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