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Stacy, My AACE web site. Enjoy.

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Chemistry: I am

This is my chemistry class page.  To be more specific, this is where my "I am" project will be stored.  If you do not already know the "I am" project is where we are all assigned to study the eight intelligences in our world , narrow it down to the one that we think we are, and then take a quiz or two that will tell us whether or not we were right in our picking.  So, here goes nothing!

So my first duty was to look at and explore the eight intelligences of the world, those being; word smart, logic smart, image smart, body smart, sound smart, self smart, nature smart, and people smart.  After looking at one information source (the first one I looked at of two) I was convinced that I wasn't any of them.  I was convinced that I was one of the  odd ball few who had fallen under the special category of "other".  An undefined "other", where scientists would come form all over the world to study and would then return home stumped.  However, when i took a gander at my second source of information (all information accessed through course website) i started to narrow it down a little bit at a time.  You see, this site had more examples of characteristics of the intelligences and I guess it made it easier for me to relate myself to one of them.
I tried and I tried, but I just couldn't narrow it down to just one intelligence that I thought I was.  I had concluded that I was a cross between self smart and people smart.  Following are the descriptions of  those two intelligences.

PeopleSmart (interpersonal intelligence) involves the ability to work cooperatively in a group as well as the ability to communicate, verbally and non-verbally, with other people. It builds on the capacity to notice distinctions among others, for example, contrasts in moods, temperament, motivations, and intentions. In the more advanced forms of this intelligence one can literally “pass over” into another person's life context (that is, stand in their shoes, so to speak) and experience their intentions and desires. One can have genuine empathy for another’s feelings, fears, anticipations, and beliefs.

Career Smarts
Professionals who are generally strong in interpersonal intelligence include teachers, administrators, arbitrators, anthropologists, organization leaders (presidents and CEOs), sociologists, talk show hosts, politicians, public relations or customer service personnel, salespersons, travel agents, consultants, and social affairs directors.

SelfSmart (intrapersonal intelligence) involves knowledge of the internal aspects of the self such as knowledge of feelings, the range of emotional responses, thinking processes, self-reflection, and a sense of or intuition about spiritual realities. Intrapersonal intelligence allows us to be conscious of our consciousness; that is, to step back from ourselves and watch ourselves as an outside observer does. Our self-identity and the ability to transcend the self are part of the functioning of this intelligence. SelfSmart is the most private and requires all other intelligence forms to express itself, such as language, art, music, dance, symbols, and interpersonal communication with others.

Career Smarts
Professionals who are strong in intrapersonal intelligence include therapists, psychologists, human potential researchers, philosophers, religious leaders (pastors and priests), social workers, meditation guides, counselors, self-help advisors, cognitive pattern researchers, and mental health professionals.


(taken from

I choose those two particular intelligences based on a number of career tests that I have taken, where-in a more recent one I was told that I basically should do almost any job that a  high school would offer.  It even told me (in my own  special interpretation) that I could do Mr. Day's job.  This actually alarmed me, but I figured since tests like that one had told me a number of times that I would be suited for teaching,  I put two and two together and figured(it equaled four) that people smart would be a good match for me.  However, there is also the fact that I do prefer to work by myself, you know, do my own thing and be in my own little demented world I guess I could say, so I didn't think that I was entirely people smart.  Hense my decision to also consider myself as self smart (boy that was redundent).

From there I had to take the quizes (a.k.a., my most favorite thing to do in the whole wide world).  The first quiz that I took was very wordy, so after I would finish weaving through its abundance of words and numbers and having to make hard decisions if whether or not I was a three or a two or whatever, it produced my quiz results.  This is how I scored:

Logical/Mathematical   31
Intrapersonal     31
Interpersonal     29
Verbal/Linguistic  25
Visual/Spatial   23
Music    21
Bodily/Kinesthetic    20
Naturalist   16

According to the results I'm an avid lover of math and numbers and thats all I ever think and dream about is numbers.  That couldn't be a bigger lie if I added in that I have a purple snuffalump hidden under my bed.  I'd have to say that I disagree with that result with all the power invested in a priest to marry two people.  As you can see that scoe tied with another, which would happen to be intrapersonal intelligence and i happen to agree with that.  the other half of my top four is twenty-nine points in interpersonal intelligence, and a twenty-five in verbal/linguistic intelligence.  I happen to agree partially with each of them.  The rest seem to tell a story of a blind and deaf jellyfish thats afai to be in it's own enviroment.  i can live with that...or can I?  Anywho there is one other quiz that I took.
This quiz as far as difficulty level was much easier and I didn't have to think nearly as much as I had to do with the last one.  Which means, since it is me afterall, that I overthought it.  I started to get so worried that I was answering all of the questions wrong, which we all know is impossible in this case.  Yet I did finish and the man says that I am a linguistic learner, which means this;

Linguistic - the ability to use language to describe events, to build trust and rapport, to develop logical arguments and use rhetoric, or to be expressive and metaphoric. Possible vocations that use linguistic intelligence include journalism, administrator, contractor, salesperson, clergy, counselors, lawyers, professor, philosopher, playwright, poet, advertising copywriter and novelist.

(taken from

This result I'm also not so sure about since I don't really see myself as the philosopher type, however I am inclined to agree with this since it in a way is paying me an undue complement by saying that I'm smarter than I really am, so sure, I'm a linguistic learner.
Overall I think my quiz results only back-up my therory that I fall under the category of "other", the unknown "other".  Maybe I'm suppose to be an astronaut so I can go explore the great unknown and find my "other" people.

So when it comes to answer the of " What am I?", I really have no idea .  It seems that this whole project has been an experiment gone astray.  Bad results all across the board.  I guess what I'm saying is that I am, and that I exist as me.


A book-loving, music obsessed, lover of sleep relaxation and all things comfortable.  An aspiring world traveler, international friend, a person who loves to learn but strongly dislikes school, a daughter/sister/aunt, who is infatuated with penguins and anything foreign and new.  I don't know how I learn best, I guess that I just listen (at least I have that going for me).  I could go on for hours describing what being me is, but I think that it would bore a person to death and all I would become is the annoying girl who would not stop talking about herself, so I'll stop here, plus its said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll leave you here to read the rest.

That's all for now folks!

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