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Stacy, My AACE web site. Enjoy.

My town


The town I live in is Brattleboro, Vermont, where the cows are plentiful and practically everyone knows everybody. In my opinion it is the "central" of southern Vermont. We have about thirteen thousand people, four elementary schools, a Middle school and the High school. Activities like sledding, skiing, snowboarding, and golf are enjoyed by the locals. It is pretty much the perfect picture of what one would think when they think of a Vermont town.


This is downtown Brattleboro. On the right is the Latchis theater, if you look ahead and to the left, down there is the Marlboro College Tech Center where we have our AACE classes on Thursdays.


This is actually High Street that this picture depicts, but I took the picture so you could see the Main Street sign. This is basically the main part of town where teenagers meet for hours on end. Where the camera is pointed there is a book shop, a jewelry shop and a couple of other shops that I'm not positive what they are.


In this picture I wanted to show you the pigeons on the roof tops that are seen frequently downtown. Some say they are pests and others say that they are just birds looking for a friend. My verdict is that they're just birds that happen to be downtown all the time. Also in the picture are restaurants, along with Mount Wantastikat in between the two buildings.

Some things I do in Brattleboro......

are I frequently go to a small park, where people walk their dogs and relax. It is near downtown and I go there two reasons. One, it is a walking distance from my house, and two, its really quiet and the sort of place someone goes to when they really don't want to go anywhere else. It's a place to relax.

I also go to the movies. We have two movie theaters. An interesting thing about Brattleboro is that you can get around, just by using one main road.

However most of all (and I'm sure most of the teenage population in Brattleboro),I just have fun with my friends. Whether it be at Mocha Joe's (a coffee shop), or just around or at home.



This is a monument in the small park that I go to, comemmorating the soldiers from Brattleboro that died in the line of duty during wars such as the Vietnam War and World Wars one and two.

What older people tend to do............

is basically go out to eat, golf, drink and socialize with each other. They either go to the Country Club (to golf), or to the Marina or The Mole's eye Cafe ( to eat and drink ). Theres also a lot of family get togethers which are actually quite common since most imediate families here also have their extended families here as well.

What younger people like to do......

is go sledding, swimming, bikeriding and playing with their friends at our many local parks. The largest park being The Living Memorial park, where they can do all of those things. Basiaclly life for kids here in Brattleboro is quite simple and enjoyable. I'm sure if you ask any kid here if they like living here in Brattleboro their answer will be yes.

My final thoughts.

Overall Brattleboro, Vermont is a small quiet town that has its quirks but is great to grow up and raise children in. It will be sad leaving here when I go off to college, but its a part of life and who says I can't come back?

That's all for now folks!

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