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Stacy, My AACE web site. Enjoy.

A day in my life

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A day in my life

This is a day in my life all summed up. Granola bars and all.


This is my room where I wake up at six-thirty in the morning and eat my daily granola bar. It's a little cluttered but I like it that way. I have so much stuff on my walls. I have a penguin picture as you can see, a calendar, schedules for everything known to man kind and a cork board that holds a lot of things from years past tacked up on it.

I have a desk that I don't use too much because I have so much stuff on it. Assignments, art, things to that nature. In my room I have a T.V.-VCR, a stereo, a bed, three dressers (one filled with books and CD's) and a bookcase. Some of these things you can't see here, because I didn't want to tons of pictures of just my room, so I picked my favorite part and took a picture of it.

My next stop is.....


My friend Nina and I in our Geometry class.

School. I arrive in front of my school at seven-thirty and go to my first class which is Geometry with Ms.Perry. It's a long and tedious class but I get through it easily enough. Math isn't my strongest subject but I'm not horrible at it either.

After that I have Biology class with Ms.Hood, which is a lot of fun. It's kind of moving slow at the moment, because of a little text book mix-up. Something about too many students taking Biology and too few books to pass around. Anyways I love science and hope to become a Forensic Scientist after I'm done with college and traveling.

Then finally for block three( the system in which we classify our schedules), I have English with Mrs. Ruggiano. Mrs. Ruggiano is one of the funniest teachers in this school aside from Mr. Perrin of course.


This is my English class. It took me a while to get this picture because nobody would look natural, like they were actually working and not staring at the girl with the camera.

After that I.....

go to lunch and have a little R and R (rest and relaxation )with my friends and refuel my thinking mind with food. As with my English class everyone had to look at the camera and not look as they would in their "natural setting" so to speak. After lunch I go to my final class which is AACE, or I go to the library and do my homework and work for the class. At two-twenty in the afternoon we are free to go and live on our lives without pencils and rulers, at least till the next day comes.


Well this is my lunch table, and I know the picture is a little crooked so don't worry it was just me trying to be artistic is all.


This is me at the library doing a little computer work, as I am right now at this very minute working on this website. Our library is actually quite big now and quite professional looking if you ask me.

Finally I am at my house doing my homework for most of the night, making phone calls, watching T.V., and reading almost all at the same time. My mother always asks me how I do it and I honestly don't know.

Moving on, I take a shower and do all of the nessasary things that one does at night and I role into my bed at around ten every night. Sometimes it varies depending on how long of a day that I've had or how tired I am, or how much homework I have.

So basically that is a day in my life.


This is just a random picture of my school work.

That's all for now folks!

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